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Sharing our Vision

We are excited that our Employment Program was highlighted on the WCIA Channel 3 news recently

Please enjoy this heartwarming story about our friend Randy and his success working in the community and how it has changed his life!

Beacon Employment Program

Beacon Employment Program

Beacon News

We have achieved Accreditation!

Moultrie County Beacon is commended and congratulated for achieving accreditation!  CQL Accreditation promotes excellence in person-centered services and supports that leads to increased quality of life for the people we serve.  


What Is Accreditation?

A common understanding of the term accreditation involves the formal recognition of an organization for attaining a specified set of standards, often viewed as merely “passing a test.” CQL’s Accreditation approach is more about being on a journey toward ongoing organizational transformation. Rather than receiving a “passing score,” it is about choosing the right path and making measurable progress. At CQL, we often say we meet organizations where they are and help them move to a better place.

Why Is Accreditation Important?

Through an open, honest, and unbiased evaluation by outside experts, accreditation equips organizations with valuable information and action steps for improvement. When organizations rely on their own internal review of operations, they may unintentionally allow the investment they have in their organization to influence their outlook. Internal review also limits an organization to its pre-existing base of knowledge, whereas accreditation aggregates best practices from other organizations.

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