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Purpose Statement
The Moultrie County Beacon

We, the Moultrie County Beacon, work together to create

a workplace environment where we demonstrate

honesty, dedication, respect, patience, and understanding.

We provide an innovative and positive atmosphere

for employees that is trusting, uplifting, and rewarding.

Because of this, we celebrate.  Every Day.


--Written together by dedicated employees

of the Moultrie County Beacon on June 22, 2017

Consumers Recognized for Employment in the Community

In celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, The Moultrie County Beacon had a luncheon on October 5th, 2022 for their consumers that are currently employed in the community.  Currently, there are 13 people employed in the community.

Before the awards were given out, staff and consumers enjoyed a lunch at the Sullivan VFW.  After that the award ceremony began.  Each award given out related to the job that each consumer is working at in the community or tasks that they do at their job.

Stan Parks, Employment Program Job Coach at the Beacon, talked briefly about each employee before given them their award.  Lady recipients also received flowers along with their award.   Stan spoke about each individual's journey as they became successfully employed in the community.  

Awards given out were:

  • Very first employee in the Community Employment program:  Joe

  • Longest Employed and Best Green Thumb Award - Erick

  • First Full Time Employed - John

  • Most Ambitious/Employee that works more than one job - David

  • Best Cookie Maker and Friendliest Employee - Richie

  • Employee that takes most pride in their work - David

  • Best Pizza Server in the School District - Dee

  • Most Caring and Helpful Employee in the Elementary School kids cafeteria - Kim

  • Best Sheet Folder this side of the Mississippi - Heidi

  • Most Persistent Employee in the Program - Alex

  • Best Crispy Chicken Chef & Most Flexible Employee - Randy

  • Miss Congeniality on the Job - Laura

  • Best Children's Librarian - Kailee

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