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CDS is the day program at the Moultrie County Beacon.  It focuses on community involvement and promoting independence, self-advocacy and self-determination.  This program supports individuals by providing access to the community, using public transportation when possible. We support personal choice, individual rights, and independence in a non-residential setting. We support the independent interaction of program participants with their community. 


Some of the regularly scheduled activities include: delivering Peace Meals to area seniors, going to the library, swimming, camping, fishing, voluntary community service, and shopping locally.  CDS also provides training and support in the areas of fine and gross motor skills, safety, communication, health and wellness, vocational training and job skills, sensory input and artistic expression.


We work closely with local organizations and vendors, and participate in bi-annual community markets to sell handmade goods and art or craft items to benefit our consumer activity fund. Community inclusion is an emphasis of all programming, taking every opportunity to participate with others in our communities as citizens of equal value and importance.


The agency has a long history of participation in Illinois Special Olympics, attending meets that are held on the local, state and national levels. Each year you will be given the opportunity to decide if you would like to  participate. Your DSP can explain which events the agency participates in. 

Walk in the Park


Employment Program


The Employment Program provides training, support, and access to jobs in the community. The Job Coach/Supported Employment Specialist will teach you how to conduct yourself during a job interview by practicing these skills with you. You will learn the challenges and rewards of having a job in the community as you move toward greater independence.  

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The Home Based Services (HBS) Program is designed in enable participants to remain living in their family home while receiving services that support them to achieve their personal outcomes. HBS resources can be used to purchase direct services such as CDS services and employment from community agencies who qualify. HBS Services are expected to promote maximum growth, independence, and self direction on the part of the individual.

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Another division of the Community Day Services Program is commonly referred to as “the Workshop.”  This program offers individuals the opportunity to develop consistent work skills in preparation for employment. 


This program currently functions with a variety of jobs from area industry, as well as our own grade stake operation.  While employed in the Workshop, individuals are paid commensurate wages, in accordance with the Department of Labor requirements.


The Workshop prepares individuals for competitive employment in the community, for those who are interested in this opportunity. 


Specific objectives in the Workshop are designed to:

  • Provide employment for persons who qualify

  • Provide regular working hours

  • Provide commensurate pay

  • Teach a variety of skills based upon each individual's capabilities 

  • Increase responsibility for independent living

  • Upgrade basic academic skills

  • Improve social skills, and

  • Improve individual self-esteem


The Workshop prepares individuals for competitive employment in the community, for those who are interested in this opportunity. 

MCB Manufacturing


The Community Integrated Living Arrangement, known as CILA, is a residential program that offers both 24-hour residential living supports as well as intermittent residential supports. The Director of Residential Services manages 7 different homes.


This program gives individuals the opportunity to live in a community home setting where they will be recognized as members of the community with all the rights, privileges, opportunities and responsibilities afforded to other citizens.  We currently have 7 residential homes that receive 24 hour supervision.  The focus of the CILA’s is on development and enhancement of daily living skills by supporting individuals with hygiene, eating, cooking/cleaning, leisure activities, communication and the promotion of independent living.

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