Community Day Services (CDS) is a program 5 days a week that focuses on greater independence and personal choice by offering training in fine and gross motor development, attention span development, safety, and problem solving. The CDS program strives to enhance communication, socialization, and adaptive skills in a nonresidential setting. CDS services include: vocational training, community integration opportunities, fitness/exercise, and personal care support. 

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The goal of the residential program is to give individuals the opportunity to  live in the most natural community setting with the help and the support that they need.  Individuals are recognized as persons with basic needs, aspirations, desires and feelings and are citizens of the community with all the rights, privileges, opportunities and responsibilities accorded other citizens in the community.  The Moultrie County Beacon, Inc. currently has 8 residential homes providing community living to individuals who require 24-Hour supervision.  

Intermittent services are offered to individuals who live in their own residence who need occasional supports based on the level of assistance they require.   Transportation for medical appointments, shopping, and recreational activities, support in independent living skills, and personal banking and financial support are provided. 



Since 1968 work programs have provided vocational training that helps individuals to develop good work habits and skills.  Work is provided through contracts with area businesses and industry and our own grade stake operation.  For many disabled individuals this is their opportunity for real work in their community.  We guarantee the quality of our work and are proud of our high standards.



The Home Based Services (HBS) Program is designed in enable participants to remain living in their family home while receiving services that support them to achieve their personal outcomes. HBS resources can be used to purchase direct services such as CDS services and employment from community agencies who qualify. HBS Services are expected to promote maximum growth, independence, and self direction on the part of the individual.